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Kosher Kurls is our Kurlicious site to pass the Kurls around!

Davida Lampkin Tydings has been doing hair, make-up and electrolysis for many many decades. She was a stylist to the stars in New York, Los Angeles,  Israel and Europe. Hair has always been her passion. It has now gone full circle, because she now just doesn't do hair, but she has her own Hair products called Kosher Kurls! It is a great product that controls the Frizz and defines the Kurls and is manufactured in the United States. You might know Davida from her company Davida Aprons which she has had for 40 years. Now her love and talents of Hair are available with Kosher Kurls. This is a Family owed business that she runs with her Sister Sybil Lampkin Rubin. They have been passing the Kurls around since 2010 and you can't miss seeing the Kurlfriends Davida & Sybil. They love their product and this makes it special and good reason to buy from them. They donate to many charities Hadassah, Na'Amat, Temples and Churches and Schools and anybody that approaches them.  They give 18%, as 18 represents Chai (Life) and this makes their Life and Company special as they know you can buy from many other companies, but they want you to be part of their Kosher Kurls Family!

You don't have to be Jewish to Love Kosher Kurls!

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